Accounts of shea butter being used in cosmetics have been recorded as far back as Cleopatra’s Egypt, so perhaps not quite a new and revolutionary ingredient, rather a tried and trusted ally in the fight to feel great!

While researching and developing the recipe for our body butter we came across plenty of amazing natural ingredients but shea butter has to be one of the best! For a start, it has proven moisturizing properties thanks to its high levels of fatty acids. It is also incredibly rich in vitamins A and E which are important for improving a number of skin conditions including wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis. Check out The Shea Institute for more information…and you know something is good when it has its own institute!

Aside from the physical benefits of shea butter, it has also played a role in empowering the women in the communities who produce it.  We came across an article by ‘Maya Bastion’ for ‘Honey Colony’ in 2016 which opened our eyes to the effect its production has on the communities who produce it. Around 35,000 tons of shea butter is exported annually from Africa and it is estimated that it provides work for at least 3 million women in West Africa where the shea nut tree grows naturally. Local customs mean that the majority of this work is carried out by women helping them gain financial independence. Just another reason to love this little nut! Read the full article here