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The Shea Revolution

Accounts of shea butter being used in cosmetics have been recorded as far back as Cleopatra’s Egypt, so perhaps not quite a new and revolutionary ingredient, rather a tried and trusted ally in the fight to feel great! While researching and developing the recipe for our body butter we came across plenty of amazing natural […]

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Giving Back: Orangutan

Both the Bornean and Sumatran species of Orangutan are critically endangered. It is well documented that this is largely down to the deforestation of their natural habitat. One of the main culprits is palm oil which is exclusively grown in rainforests.  It is the most widely consumed natural oil on the planet, found in nearly […]

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Ginger: The wonder root

As far as a natural ingredients go, ginger is up there as one of the most beneficial botanicals that has ever been discovered. From its origins in the rainforests of Southern Asia, it has been used in natural remedies all over the world for generations. There aren’t many plants that can deliver healthier hair, toned […]

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Live the Orangutan way

Orangutans. Hardly an animal known for its elegance, grace and poise. But for us, that’s the point. Looking good doesn’t have to mean looking immaculately groomed, as long as you feel great. Our approach is simple. The entire Orangutan range is made from natural ingredients that you’ll have heard of before so you can feel […]

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